Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back from Chicago

Actually, I've been back a couple of days. But there was a lot to catch up on and sort out. I mean, it was rough enough that the site was hacked as soon as I left, but then that person went and attacted the roommate-- and I learned when I got home that she'd (Roomie) been dead for a day. No, really, you can read about the adventure here.

*sigh* Life is never boring in our apartment.

I'll post some pictures when I get home-- there was some nice stained glass and flowers at Maggie's work that I thought I'd put up.

Other than the drama of having my dear roommate attacked by a psycho (props to Sam for bodyslamming the crazy-lady) and the blogs being hacked and recovered, my vacation was very restful. I had a great time hanging out with Maggie and Al at various places in the city, and catching up with Naruto while they were at school or work. And, as a side note, Maggie and her husband have a very comfy sofa.

Anyway, more soon!