Saturday, October 6, 2007


Yes, we were hacked. Some looser with nothing better to do with their lives went and hacked all of Kat's accounts, thus some of the oddness this morning. Due to this, until other measures can be implemented (because both Kat and I are not exactly full of free time at the moment), I have removed Kat's account from this blog. She is still a member, but at this moment, she has no control over her own email or blogs.

SO, if you know Kat and have gotten any odd emails, or if you've stopped by her blog. . . no, that's not her. Moreover, she's (for the moment) locked out of her accounts so she can'f fix things at the moment-- if she even had access to a computer, which she doesn't.

And, to the lame-o who's responsible for all this: It's really sad that you have nothing better to do with a Friday night or Saturday morning than to pull things like this. I'm sure we'll all be praying for you. And your social life.

PS: Comments are now under moderation as well.